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Ring of Fire rail line costly

Originally published in The Toronto Star

December 28, 2021

THUNDER BAY — The cost of building a specialized rail line to haul ore out of the remote Ring of Fire mineral belt has been pegged at US$657 million.

Toronto-based proponent KWG Resources has long contended that transporting ore by an electrified railway would be cheaper and better for the environment than doing so by diesel-powered trucks.

The proposed “Rail-Veyor tramway system” would be designed to annually transport 10 million tonnes of chromite over a 338-kilometre line between Nakina and the Ring of Fire, located about 550 kilometres northeast of Thunder Bay.

A construction timeline has not been set.

Chromite is a key ingredient in the manufacture of stainless steel. One of the main chromite deposits in the Ring of Fire is Black Horse, which is controlled by KWG.

Adjacent deposits are held by Noront Resources, which is slated to be taken over by Australia’s Wyloo Metals if Noront shareholders approve that proposal early next year.

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